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Pochemuchka July 12, 2013


A word from the World Words app from MotherTongues. (The World Words app is currently under construction, but will be back in the App Store soon!) One of my favorite words. All children should be Pochemuchkas and have the chance to ask questions.


Hózhǫ́ July 10, 2013

hózhǫ́ Navajo


Forest bathing December 17, 2012

I’m updating the World Words app with new untranslatable words. This is one of my favorite new words. Enjoy!


The brave and courageous spirit inside you September 25, 2012

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This word is my new mantra. I have woohitike inside of me. May you embrace your woohitike!

Ps. This word is from the World Words iPhone/iPad app. Learn a new word every day!


World Words makes a splash March 29, 2012

World Words App

Check out yesterday’s article about MotherTongues and others using Kickstarter for crowdfunding, in our local paper the Holland Sentinel, and another MotherTongues article in Elemental Project – a positive news site. The news about World Words is spreading!

MotherTongues + you = Minga (you carry me)

Gracias / Dankie / Obrigada!
4 days left in the Kickstarter campaign, and quite a long way to go. I’m holding my thumbs, or crossing my fingers, or both.


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