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On inspiration, insight and ideas September 10, 2012

I’m back! We spent almost 2 months in South Africa this summer/winter, flew back to the US and moved 4 days later to Nashville, Tennessee. Our girls started new schools within a week, and my husband started his new job at Vanderbilt University. What a whirlwind!

My husband taking photos of the elephants in Addo Elephant Park (South Africa) in his Ubuntu t-shirt

I’m making new friends and contacts in Nashville, and trying to figure out our “system”. In Michigan, I knew where to recycle, where to donate, which farmer’s markets we loved, and we had our CSA that we belonged to for many years. In Nashville, they don’t take glass in the recycling: you have to take all glass to a special recycling place. I still haven’t figured out where to recycle batteries. The people I’ve asked, all said they just throw them in the trash. Not a good idea.

Regarding our language journey, I have found someone who gives Spanish conversational classes, and I’m looking forward to my first class tomorrow.

In between looking for a house to buy, and figuring out our new “system”, I feel like I’m finally ready to blog and implement some new ideas for MotherTongues. Whenever we travel, I always find new inspiration for MotherTongues along the way. This trip to South Africa and Botswana was no different. I’m looking forward to turning some of my new ideas into reality!


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