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Beautiful Ubuntu video from Global Oneness Project September 7, 2009

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This Ubuntu Video from the Global Oneness Project is 8 minutes of beautiful descriptions, music, sights, describing this South African concept. It explains Ubuntu better than I ever can – although I’ve tried to describe it for the MotherTongues ubuntu t-shirts! I love Credo Mutwa (a traditional sangoma)’s  description: “Ubuntu is nothing more or less than compassion brought into colorful practice.”



Mandela Day – Happy 91st Birthday Madiba! July 18, 2009

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Today is the first annual Mandela Day ( Nelson Mandela, one of my heroes, turns 91 today. He taught me and my fellow South Africans about humility, ubuntu, reconciliation, not having bitterness towards others, working together to make the future better, and how a wise man can change the spirit of a country.

Mandela Day celebrates the idea that each individual has the power to transform the world, the ability to make an imprint. You can also follow @MandelaDay on Twitter.

In the spirit of Ubuntu, let’s make the world a better place, for everyone.


MotherTongues Ubuntu video from Jason at May 7, 2009

How many ways can *you* pronounce Ubuntu? Jason from tries for the record. This is funny!


Jason from is wearing a MotherTongues Ubuntu today! May 6, 2009

Today, May 6, Jason from is wearing an Ubuntu t-shirt! And you could WIN a free MotherTongues t-shirt by commenting here and telling him where you find your community. And I hope it isn’t just online!
Let’s spread the message of Ubuntu – I am because we are.

Michelle @ MotherTongues



Freshly Stocked October 20, 2008

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We returned from South Africa after this summer with lots of new ideas and new products. And now finally, the MotherTongues store is freshly stocked with lots of new goodies.

Look for the new reusable gift bags – go green this holiday season, and ditch the gift wrapping! Make re-gifting cool – give your gifts in reusable bags that can be used again and again.

Also, the Ubuntu design got updated, and is now available in unisex and women’s hoodies too – very cool for the winter!

We met Vince and Lizzy in Cape Town. They do beautiful beadwork to support themselves and their kids. They made Ubuntu and Shalom keychains especially for MotherTongues – you’ll never see these anywhere else! Great to remind you every day of these two beautiful ideas: I am because we are, and Let peace and justice kiss.

Go see the new products at MotherTongues, and tell your friends about it too!

Shalom / Amahoro / Peace / Shanti / He Ping (see the peace gift bag!),
Michelle @ MotherTongues



Cool picture of Ubuntu t-shirt on the web! February 6, 2008

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See the nice picture of Jaco speaking about the Belhar Confession in his Ubuntu t-shirt. Find your community!

Michelle @ MotherTongues



Matt Lauer speaks about ubuntu on the Today Show! May 5, 2007

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Matt Lauer from The Today Show visited Cape Town, South Africa on his "Where in the World is Matt Lauer" trip! And he spoke about ubuntu (although he didn’t pronounce it right…). Felicia Mabuza-Suttle described ubuntu as "the spirit of understanding that a village needs each other". I love that description.
The MotherTongues ubuntu t-shirt is now available in women’s cut too! We’re running out of some sizes, but will be reprinting soon!

In the spirit of ubuntu,


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