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do we really need supersize everything? June 11, 2010

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We’ve been in San Cristobal for almost 2 weeks. We’re getting used to city living i.e. walking everywhere, shopping only for what we need for the day. I think you observe more of your surroundings when you are on foot. I’ve been realizing how everything is smaller here – the cars, the plates (and servings), the apartments, the restaurants, the supermarkets. It has made me wonder: do we really need oversized everything, the American way? Do we need houses the size of palaces, or does it make us distant from our neighbors? Do we need such huge food servings, or does it turn us into unhealthy overweight people? Do we need such big cars, big supermarkets selling big containers of anything?

I think there is something to be said for a simpler way of living: using less, buying less new stuff, eating less (or throwing away less from our huge restaurant portions). The Swedes definitely have a great concept in their “untranslatable” word Lagom.


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