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JCPenney’s #epicfail and better options September 3, 2011

This week the internet was abuzz with JCPenney’s kids t-shirt (for girls 7-16) that read: “I’m too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me”. They pulled the t-shirt after outrage from parents, and everybody got on the bandwagon to say what they think about it. Anderson Cooper added JCPenney to his RidicuList.

A few weeks ago I was part of a #momovation Twitter party, and met Melissa Wardy of Pigtail Pals. She spreads positive empowering messages for girls through t-shirts and other gear. How exciting to see her become part of the conversation around JCPenney, and get some good business out of it. I love it!

The whole debate about degrading t-shirts (for kids and adults) made me think about the reasons I started MotherTongues. There are very few t-shirts for adults in the marketplace today that I will wear: I don’t want to be an advertisement for an athletic brand, and I don’t want to wear profanity. That excludes a lot of t-shirts. Thus the positive, uplifting messages from cultures from around the world on MotherTongues t-shirts. I love my job!


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