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Walking a labyrinth – World Labyrinth Day is May 7, 2011 May 6, 2011

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I love the calmness that settles into me when I walk a labyrinth. To me, it is walking meditation. My kids love to run a labyrinth: the experience fills them with joy and laughter. My sister walks labyrinths barefoot. A friend walks it without paying attention to the lines. Another loves sitting down when she gets to the center. Everyone’s journey is different: there is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth.

i am on a journey
walking on the path of my life
a path full of twists and turns
a path over mountains, over rivers, through deserts
a path of discovery; finding my true self
a path that leads me to inner peace
a path that fills me with silence:
the song of my soul
– Terry de Vries

A labyrinth is a single, winding path that leads you from the entrance to the centre: it is different than a maze that has twists and turns where one can get lost. A labyrinth is a sanctuary: a safe and sacred place where we can reconnect with ourselves.

People come to walk labyrinths for many reasons and in many different ways. It can be walked to connect with nature, to let go of a hectic schedule, to reduce stress, to still the mind of thoughts, to let go of the past, to heal grief or trauma, to answer specific questions, to resolve conflict, to find inner peace, to live more consciously, to set goals, to increase productivity, or to become more creative. Read here for more ways to use a labyrinth, and to learn about the history of labyrinths.

World Labyrinth Day this year is Saturday, May 7. The Labyrinth Society says the day is designated to bring people from all over our planet together in celebration of the labyrinth as a symbol, a passion, a practice and a tool for healing and peace.

Everyone is invited to “Walk as One at 1”: walk a labyrinth at 1 pm in your local time zone. You can also use a finger labyrinth if you can’t find a labyrinth close to you.

There are only right ways to walk a labyrinth. Find a labyrinth in your area, and find your way of walking!

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