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idling myths & facts: let’s clear it up April 27, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Michelle @ 1:58 pm

This morning as I was running through downtown, I saw someone sleeping in their car, with the window open, and the car idling. It always surprises me to see people sitting in their parked car, just idling. Now, in the middle of winter I can (sometimes) understand it here in this freezing Michigan state, but in spring, with your window open? I found these myths and facts about idling:
Myth: The engine should be warmed up before driving.
Myth: Idling is good for your engine.
Myth: Shutting off and restarting your vehicle uses more gas than if you leave it running.
Fact: Idling adds to global warming.
Fact: Idling contributes to respiratory illness.
Fact: Idling wastes fuel.
– Idling your vehicle for more than just 10 seconds uses more fuel than restarting your engine.
– Idling your vehicle for just 10 minutes can use as much fuel as it takes to travel 5 miles.
So, shut off your engine the next time you are waiting for your kids to get out of school, and help our precious environment a little bit!


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