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Another comment about “home” July 8, 2010

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I just read this written by Sindiwe Magona:

Something deeper, primeval even, pulled and tugged at my heartstrings. ‘Inkaba yakho iyakulilela! Your umbilical cord cries out for you!’ amaXhosa say to explain the urge that is not to be denied – the homing instinct. The umbilical cord, buried deep in the ground after the birth of a child, marks ‘home’. And the belief is that this place has a pull on one.

I wonder if all of us have this pull?


One Response to “Another comment about “home””

  1. Taraluna Says:

    It is true, it doesn’t matter where you come from, home settles in your heart and pulls at you if you are at a distance. With this said, I will gladly stay in northern CA instead of moving back to cold Minnesota winters and hot humid mosquito infested MN summers…but it doesn’t keep me from missing it!

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