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Travel, inspiration, adventure! May 22, 2010

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Dear MotherTongues friends,

My husband Jaco has a sabbatical starting the end of this month, for a whole semester. We’re using the time to travel, recharge, explore, and learn new skills. Exactly a week from today (yikes!), we’re leaving for Chiapas, Mexico. All 4 of us in the family will attend a Spanish language school. I haven’t tried to learn a new language since elementary school, so it will be interesting!

September we’ll be back home to check on our house & cat, figure out what we need to do with the kid’s schooling for the semester, and repack, before we’re off to Africa. Jaco will teach in Lusaka, Zambia for a month, and then we’ll visit family in South Africa to return the beginning of January.

MotherTongues will stay open for business: I will have email access everywhere, and a friend of mine, Melissa, will do all the shipping from here in Holland. It may take a day or two longer than usual for packages to get out, but don’t worry, it will ship!

I’m looking forward to our 6 months of family adventure: the experience of living in 2 different countries where I don’t speak the language (yet); to be open to new ideas; to discover new favorite foods; to see how our kids adapt to new sights & sounds & smells & tastes. And I’m sure I’ll be inspired to create many new designs and products for MotherTongues 🙂

Please keep in contact via email and the MotherTongues Facebook page, I’ll be posting from Mexico.

Hasta la vista!


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