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5 reasons I’m proud of MotherTongues September 28, 2009

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I recently did an email interview about starting a t-shirt business, and one of the questions was to tell what your greatest accomplishment with your business has been so far. That got me thinking.

It made me realize that I’m proud of the 5 years that I’ve been building MotherTongues, for a variety of reasons.

1. I’m proud of the ethos I’ve built around MotherTongues. It is fun to have a business that is about MORE than just a t-shirt with a unique design.

2. I’m proud of the money MotherTongues has donated to CWIT (the Center for Women in Transition) over the past 3 years – $1 for every t-shirt, tote bag and apron sold, retail AND wholesale.

3. I’m proud of the evolution of MotherTongues t-shirt designs – I definitely think the newest t-shirt design is the best yet!

4. I’m proud of the following that MotherTongues has in my hometown of Holland, MI and in our Midwest area. The comments recently on the Daily Grommet site showed this.

5. I’m proud to own a unique small business that keeps evolving and changing me and my beliefs in the process!


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