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MotherTongues open for business again! September 25, 2006

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11 months later, and we are back from our Southern African adventure! It was a great time spent travelling, connecting with family, and reflecting on the future. What a blessing.

MotherTongues are back in business, with lots of new inspirations, ideas and dreams! We are printing 2 new designs this week, and the store will be stocked ASAP. Since eBay kept raising their costs to do business, we decided not to open an eBay store again, but to rather do our own thing. We’ll still be auctioning a shirt or two per week on eBay, but will spend more time developing our own domain.

To see the brand new Aboriginal Australian design, and the new Shalom – Salam design with Hebrew and Arabic words, check it out at! We’ll also have new hats, more long sleeve T-shirts, more youth / kids / toddler t-shirts, and brand new beanies!

Remember to aim for peaceful relationships,


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