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Famous people with MotherTongues T-shirts August 30, 2005

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Since MotherTongues T-shirts is still a small brand (with lots of plans for expansion and spreading peace to the world!), we are trying to spread the word by sending t-shirts to famous people who we know will agree with the philosophy behind MotherTongues and the t-shirts. So here are some of the people that already own MotherTongues T-shirts:

Dave Matthews (he grew up in South Africa, I think untill age 12) – an Ubuntu T-shirt (of course!)
John, Thinus & Daniel of Tree63 (a Christian Rock group from South Africa, who tours in the USA
regularly) – Ubuntu T-shirts
Stef Bos – our favorite musical artist. He is from the Netherlands and regularly performs in Belgium, the Netherlands and South Africa. – Gezellig T-shirt and Ubuntu T-shirt

And some people we would like to send t-shirts to if we can figure out where to send it!:
Marshall Rosenberg from Nonviolent Communication – Satyagraha T-shirt
Bruce Springsteen – a prophet in this time – Ubuntu T-shirt

Remember to nurture the community you are in,


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