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MotherTongues blog going live! July 25, 2005

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Exciting news!

I’ll be posting here about my MotherTongues eBay store, to keep new and regular customers updated about our t-shirts that speak to the world.

For those of you that are not familiar with MotherTongues:
All our t-shirts have a word in some language on the front, with a small flag from the country it’s from on the back, as well as a poetic translation of the word. We use words that speak about community and are difficult to translate directly into English, or have some cultural connectation to it. In this way we foster cultural understanding, celebrate community, relationships and connecting to others, and have some fun at the same time!

At the moment MotherTongues have South African t-shirts (ubuntu), Dutch / Netherlands t-shirts (gezellig), India t-shirts (satyagraha), and Mexican t-shirts (abrazo). We are hoping to grow to many more languages & countries! So bookmark this site and stay updated!

Talk to you soon,


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